Monsters of Molosser Kennels

Sage and Mufassa have pups ..Born January 30th...For pictures go to puppies for sale and more info email me at jeremyoutlaw@ymail.com


 Welcome to Monsters of Molosser Kennels

Welcome to Monsters of Molosser Kennels. We are located in southern Ohio. Our dogs are valued members of our family. They share not only our home but our daily lives with us. We thrive to produce healthy and athletic dogs with a solid temperment. Our mission is to preserve the working breed and educate the public about large Mastiff type breeds. We are selective in placing our dogs and working to find a suitable family for the dog rather than a dog for a family, meaning we try and supply you with the dog that best suits your family's lifestyle.

At Monsters of Molosser Kennels we produce the best lines in American Bulldogs and our very own line of American Bandogge Mastiffs. As a parent of three lovely children, temperment is an important factor in our dogs. Our dogs have a stable temperment which allows them to be involved in a family environment. They are both working and house pets, however protection is one of their assests.

Please understand when purchasing a puppy that is small and cute, they will eventually grow to be a powerful and large dog. Loving them is a must but larger breeds of dogs also need to understand discipline. A person does not need a 150 + pound dog doing whatever it wants and not listening to it's owner. This can cause injury to you and other animals as well as the dog its self. An animal is a responsibility and not something you can quit. Make sure exercise, food, shelter , and water is provided. We at Monsters of Molosser Kennels wish to bring happiness and full, healthy lives to our dogs, they are working breeds and wish to please their owner and having this as a guard dog will be rewarding enough.

All American Bulldog puppys that leave our Kennel will be duel registerd with NKC and ABRA unless noted other wise and all American Bandogge Mastiff puppys will be duel registerd with WBO and DRA unless noted other wise. Adults available periodically. Please check our other pages for new information and breed history. Thank you for visiting our site and hope to hear from you soon. To contact Monsters of Molosser Kennels, Phone: (740) 876-9906 or email us at jeremyoutlaw@ymail.com